basic tune-up

Full Bike Checkover & Inspection

Front & Rear Hub Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Front & Rear Brake Adjustment

Front & Rear Brake Resurfacing

Front & Rear Brake Rotor Truing

Front & Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Derailleur Hanger Alignment

Front & Rear Wheel Truing

Clean & Lube Chain

Clean & Lube Cables

Set Tire Pressures

Torque All Fasteners To Spec

basic tune plus

Includes all services from Basic Tune-Up, as well as:

Full Drivetrain Cleaning

Full Cable & Housing Replacement

Front & Rear Wheel Tensioning

the bft

That’s right, this is the Big, er, Fullmetal Tune? Eh, who am I kidding? This is the BIG FUCKING TUNE-UP!

Includes all services from Basic Tune Plus, as well as:

Full Bike Detailing

Front & Rear Hub Overhaul

Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Headset Overhaul

Front & Rear Brake Bleed

service plans

Service plans can be applied to any single bike. Said bike shall receive unlimited Basic Tune-Ups, one Basic Tune Plus and one BFT for a whole year. 2-year and 5-year plans also available.