Bombtrack is a relative newcomer to the US market, but they’ve established a brand that feels refined well beyond their years. Just like we here at Full Metal Cycles, they choose to do their own thing to the nines rather than everyone else’s thing to mediocrity. Call it gravel, adventure, endurance, all-road, urban, touring or whatever else the next industry buzz word is. If your goal is to spend every waking hour on your bike, these guys have the bike for you. Expect features like Columbus tubing, clever geometry, braze-ons galore, generous tire clearance and boundary bending bike design. Or give the middle finger to modern convention and rock one of their kick ass single speeds.

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van dessel cycles

So, you want to have it your way, but you know a trip to Burger King will leave you feeling like shit. Try a Van Dessel! Not only can they provide you with a choice rig for slaying pavement, dirt or both, but you can get it configured with, like, a bajillion different build kit options! Looking for a CX race bike with the same brand of components as your road race bike? Done. Gravel and trekking are more your thing? Done. Like that drop bar bike but really wish it had flat bars? Done. No more getting sold on an off-the-rack build. You’re a discerning cyclist, and you deserve a top quality bike that fits your style and your needs. Order up!

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Some of us (myself included) feel we need dozens of bikes. Others are happier with just a few. No matter where you fall on that spectrum though, you probably want one of those bikes to be built, by hand, with fire and metal. That’s punk rock, and that’s why you want a Chumba. Their bikes are built, by hand, by skilled craftspeople right over in Austin, TX. Quality, fit and functionality definitely define their work. And what do these fine folks deliver in exchange for your hard earned dollars? Maybe the crown jewel of your collection. Maybe the only bike you need to shred ‘til you can’t pedal no more. Either way, you need one.