chip in and get stuff

Thank you so much to all of my friends, family, customers, riding buddies and everyone else in the local cycling community that has helped me get to this point. In a few short weeks FMC will be open for business and you’re the ones that helped make this possible.

In the final push to make this opening totally awesome, I’m going to need a little more help. My goal is to raise another $25,000 for the shop. That’s a big ask, I know, but there will be some perks in it for anyone who contributes.

You’re part of an exclusive group that is getting first dibs on discounts for tune-ups, service plans, and more. See details below and fill out this form with your request and I will follow up with an invoice and confirmation.

Questions? Contact me here.


basic tune-up - $125

This one’s pretty straight forward. Buy a tune-up and gift it to a friend, loved one or enemy, if you really want to confuse them. You can even keep it and use it on your own bike, you selfish bastard. Anyway, here’s what is includes:

  • Full Bike Checkover & Inspection

  • Front & Rear Hub Adjustment

  • Headset Adjustment

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment

  • Front & Rear Brake Adjustment

  • Front & Rear Brake Resurfacing

  • Front & Rear Brake Rotor Truing

  • Front & Rear Derailleur Adjustment

  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment

  • Front & Rear Wheel Truing

  • Clean & Lube Chain

  • Clean & Lube Cables

  • Set Tire Pressures

  • Torque All Fasteners To Spec

basic tune plus - $225

It’s like a basic tune-up, but better! Not only that, but it’s $25 cheaper than what I’ll be charging in the shop! So save some money and stock up on Basic Tune Plus today! Includes all services from Basic Tune-Up, as well as:

  • Full Drivetrain Cleaning

  • Full Cable & Housing Replacement

  • Front & Rear Wheel Tensioning

the bft - $350

That’s right, this is the Big, er, Fullmetal Tune? Eh, who am I kidding? This is the BIG FUCKING TUNE-UP! Does your bike make you feel embarrassed when you show up to club rides? Do you find yourself making excuses for all the fucked up noises coming from your drivetrain? Get your ride back in line with the BFT, and save $50 off standard shop price. Includes all services from Basic Tune Plus, as well as:

  • Full Bike Detailing

  • Front & Rear Hub Overhaul

  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul

  • Headset Overhaul

  • Front & Rear Brake Bleed

service plans

friends and family plan - $500

Contribute $500 now and get 10% off of all parts, accessories, nutrition and apparel purchased in store forever! I’m no genius, but the economics of that could definitely work in your favor. Bike shit is expensive.

1-year service plan - $700

This plan can be applied to any single bike. Said bike shall receive unlimited Basic Tune-Ups, one Basic Tune Plus and one BFT for a whole year.

2-year service plan - $1300

It’s like the 1-Year Service Plan, but twice as better!

5-year service plan - $2500

That’s right. Five years of unlimited Basic Tune-Ups plus a Basic Tune Plus and BFT each year. But wait, there’s more! This service plan is transferable between bikes! If you sell a bike, start riding one bike more than another or buy a new bike (maybe from your new favorite bike shop) you’re allowed to transfer this plan from bike to bike once each year. Now that’s value!

More, more, and more!

Full Metal Community College - $75-$175

Full Metal Community College online registration is now open. Have you ever dreamed of not having to pay me to fix your bike? Well now you can make your dreams a reality! Full Metal Cycles is offering comprehensive bicycle repair classes. Choose one, two or three night courses and learn how to turn a wrench like a pro (actual results may vary).

The Bikeaholic - $5000

This is for the few, the proud, the addicted and depraved individuals who say to hell with N+1! Give me N+10! When you join the Bikeaholic club, you will be allowed to purchased any new, complete bike or frameset from Full Metal Cycles at cost plus 5%! Just think of the hundreds, nay, thousands you’ll save! Best of all, this club is for life. Does not apply to labor costs on custom builds, but show up with some top shelf Scotch and maybe we can work something out.

The Spice Girl - $????

Tell me what you want. What you really, really want. I’ll tell you what I want. What I really, really want. Pretty self explanatory, right? Let me know what you’re looking for from the shop and I’ll do my best to come up with a plan to make that work. It all goes toward the goal of a shop that I’m proud to own and that you’re excited to have in your community.

t-shirts - $23

You’re not a thing unless you have a t-shirt, and Full Metal Cycles is definitely a thing! Now you can show off to your friends that you’re into that thing that they’ve probably never heard of, which makes you cool. So head over to the merch table, and order a t-shirt!